Just Be Yourself! La version anglaise de Soyons Nous-Mêmes! le 29/04/2016


Hi everyone.

I will play my One Man Show, « Just Be Yourself !», in Nice,  Friday, April, 29th , at The Stage, a cosy club in Le Vieux Nice.

Attention please : For the first time the show will be in English.

This english show is an evolution of my french show ‘Soyons Nous-Mêmes!’.

There is a huge english speaking community in Côte d’Azur which doesn’t have the opportunity to attend comedy shows in English. That’s why I adapted the show in English, with specific and international jokes.

Hence, if you have some friends, relatives or business partners living around French Riviera, please pass this information on to them : this english show needs a very new audience !

Please find hereafter all needed information to attend to this very special evening.



Laurent Boghossian is a French humorist. Over the past 20 years he’s been an engineer, a civil servant and a professional coach.He’s played this very successful show in French for two years and now he’s ready to play it for an international audience. ’Just being Ourselves‘ is easier said than done and that’s what Laurent reminds us of while he connects the six billion dollar man with civil servants, teenagers with ecologists, bodybuilders with The Mentalist and Microsoft with his grandmother. And if you want to know why bees are the ultimate solution to couple relationship issues, what you have to do is very simple : get your ticket and… Just Be Yourself!


Friday 2016, April 29th

8:30 pm


4, rue du Pont Vieux

Tramway Stop: Cathédrale-Vieille Ville

Parking: Palais de Justice

Contact and Bookings

 09 81 47 77 70


Book on BilletReduc


I’m looking forward to seeing you there.


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