Just Be Yourself! – April 29th 2016 – The STAGE – NICE



Hi everyone.

I will play my One Man Show « Just Be Yourself », in Nice,  Friday, April, 29th , at The Stage, a cosy club in Le Vieux Nice.

Attention please : For the first time the show will be in English.

This english show is an evolution of my initial french show ‘Soyons Nous-Mêmes!’.

I adapted it, with specific jokes, for english speaking audiences for there is a huge english speaking community in Côte d’Azur who doesn’t have the opportunity to attend comedy shows in English.

I will start to play at 8:30 pm.

Friday 2016, April 29th

8:30 pm


4, rue du Pont Vieux

Tramway Stop: Cathédrale-Vieille Ville

Parking: Palais de Justice


 09 81 47 77 70


Book on BilletReduc


I’m looking forward to seeing you there.



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